Lushano Perera

Ciao! My name is Lushano Perera
and I'm a Full Stack Developer
based in Rome, Italy.

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For over a decade I've been working on business creating tools that let my clients satisfy their communications needs and reach their goals over the web.

Along these years I grew up as a professional building my own strong set of programming skills, knowledge and expertise that makes me today an ideal candidate to design, develop and deploy internet related products, working solo or together with my team at nwdesigns.

Life is better when you pursue your interests: there are plenty of cool things to do like visiting beautiful places, watch a good movie, a winning game of AC Milan, listen to great songs, have some delicious food, take care of your pets or have a ride on your Vespa with the love of your life. These are the best to keep your mind healthy and free.

Balance and happiness are key factors to succeed as a professional as well as a human being.

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